Thursday, January 11, 2018


I started a post on these topics, but then, accessing my exocortex (== reading old blog posts), I felt like I had said it all in earlier posts - no point in duplicating.

But, I think this a concise statement of my current thinking on economics. A comment on this FB post.

Yes. We moved from Capitalism 1.0 to Capitalism 2.0, from an economy of scarcity to 1 of abundance, in the 1950's. That was when advertising shifted into hyperdrive to convince people to buy things they didn't need. For f#ck's sake, go into any Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Costco, Lowe's, Kroger - and realize that these stores are replicated 1 to several times in every major US (world?) city - and tell me that there is NOT enough to go around.

Keynes predicted that around 2030, capitalism would have done its job - produced enough capital that the human race can meet the needs of all its members - such that it (capitalism) could be retired.

I believe we are there. THERE IS ENOUGH TO GO AROUND. We just need to retire capitalism and come up with a more effective accounting system whose purpose is to optimize the outcome of EVERY human being, of EVERY human child - not just the 0.001% and their offspring.

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