Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christian Football Players

I mean, come on, what can you imagine that's more of a self parody than christian football players. So picture Jebus Crisp -- The Prince of Peace -- putting the pads and the helmet on. Here's this 5 ft tall, 110 lb wiry Jewish guy taking the field with the 300 pounders. LOL.

What position would he play? I guess he has to be the quarterback -- who would want to be giving Jebus orders?

Point of fact, tho, the Judeao-Christian tradition doesn't have much in the way of an athletic underpinning. That's much more a product of the (pagan) Greco-Roman tradition. Numerous Greek myths involved contests and races. Well, we know that as the mental virus known as christianity spread, it wasn't shy about "borrowing" from other religions -- the christmas tree for instance.

Speaking of which, one of my brothers' family has been having their late december holiday observance, with a celebratory dinner and exchange of gifts, on the date of the Winter Solstice, rather than December 25. I think it's a great idea, my kids like it too, probably be more problematic getting buy-in from the wife. Still, the solstice is definitely something to celebrate (the days are getting longer! The days are getting longer!). And this past year I found it natural to dispense with "merry xmas" and to say "happy solstice" in addition "happy holidays".

Back on our initial topic, in case you missed it, this was of course an instant classic.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Evolution vs. Avatards

"Avatards" is courtesy of my favorite tech news source The Register -- pretty much Slashdot meets Monty Python, with Playmobil figures thrown in.

Anyway, my wife and I saw "Avatar" in 3d a couple of weeks ago. Very pretty movie, and the pacing was good. The 3d I found more of a distraction than a feature. Over 50 years of putting myself in movieland, I'm pretty good at it. I think we all are -- evidence of the youth and malleability of the human psyche. Having movieland come out of the screen at me seemed to break my concentration, to break the spell. I suspect that it wouldn't take much practice to get used to 3d tho. This was the 1st 3d I had seen since something at a (children's science?) museum years ago.

As many others have commented, the plot was nothing new: "Ferngully The Last Rain Forest", "Dances With Wolves", "The Last Samurai", etc. I found it interesting tho to examine the biology of the planet. If we're talking biology, we're talking evolution.

Q: How would a planet with a basically a single, interconnected nervous system evolve?

A: It wouldn't.

There had obviously been heavy duty evolution going on: look at the hunting packs (wolves), the large solitary predator (tiger), the large ruminants. When exactly would "nature red of fang and claw" have taken the time to let different species connect their nervous systems?

This guy totally nails the answer: Pandora is a post-singularity world. A global nervous system would have to be ... intelligently designed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

He's Back

So, after last week's (republican traitor) supreme court (where TF is Diana Ross when we need her?) decision that corporations no longer have to shake down their employees for contributions to their PACs -- no, way too much trouble, now the corporations can just use as much of their $10s of billions in profits to buy as many legislators as they need -- the end of democracy in America, replaced by corporatocracy ??? -- I have decided, that given that Dumbass 2.0 was a failure -- every time I stop drinking for an extended period, I start up again at 2-4x the prior volume -- it's time for Dumbass 3.0!!! Woo-hoo, happy days are here again, INCLUDING BLOGGING!!!

Note, this blog will remain the realm of drunken, republican and conservative-bashing, over-the-top SHOUTING WTF IS WRONG WITH ALL YOU DUMBASSES kind of content. My intention, tho, is of course to harvest the kinder, gentler portions of this and reach across the aisle to republicans and conservatives (so they can threaten me with their guns and/or banish me to gitmo).

So, here was my response to my oldest daughter Erica's (founder of and huffington post yoga blogger) post on "5 jokes for sissy democrats"

It hurts so bad. The republicans care about nothing but winning. They only care about making the rich richer, and enlist the single issue nut jobs (abortion, gay suppression, gun rights). Their cynicism is boundless. It's a national tragedy that it's so damn effective.

And here's my post to an article at Silicon Valley Insider

Software patents are 100% and completely ... crap. For a 10-15 year period after software patents were legislated into existence, the patent office checked them against their own internal database for prior art, but not against the outside world at all. So now there are 10s of 1000s of totally crap / bullshit patents on file. All software developer employees of large corporations are encouraged to file as many patents as possible. And then what happens? IBM and Microsoft both say "let's cross license" (i.e., we won't sue you if you don't sue us). And MS and Oracle. And CA and Progress. And so on ...

So occasionally someone gets left out of the grid, gets pissed, and sues (re Nokia vs Apple). But, by and large, software patents are about: the big boys making deals, and the startups who can't afford $5-10 million in legal fees getting squeezed out. (Note, that's the average $$$ amount that the legal parasites make on an IP suit).

Patents are supposed to foster and protect innovation. Software patents do the exact opposite. They stifle innovation, and serve only as a tool that lets the big boys squeeze the small innovators.

These people agree:

These too:

Software patents should be completely abolished.

Music-wise, I am totally kicking ass. More to come later. Last week, despite watching dozens of "Law and Order SVU" episodes, I somehow wound up playing the Grateful Dead version of "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" -- and rocking on ?!?!?

On a somber note, I am predicting that by 2012, Facebook will be gone. Their privacy policies are odious; their signal to noise ratio continues to decline. It has enabled me to get in touch with people (several of my cousins (luvya, Boemkers!) and a business associate of 20 years ago). But, I don't think that their infrastructure is scaling, I am anticipating running the FB suicide app this year.

But, meanwhile, BLOGGING RULES!!! Please subscribe to my RSS/Atom blog feed.