Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christian Football Players

I mean, come on, what can you imagine that's more of a self parody than christian football players. So picture Jebus Crisp -- The Prince of Peace -- putting the pads and the helmet on. Here's this 5 ft tall, 110 lb wiry Jewish guy taking the field with the 300 pounders. LOL.

What position would he play? I guess he has to be the quarterback -- who would want to be giving Jebus orders?

Point of fact, tho, the Judeao-Christian tradition doesn't have much in the way of an athletic underpinning. That's much more a product of the (pagan) Greco-Roman tradition. Numerous Greek myths involved contests and races. Well, we know that as the mental virus known as christianity spread, it wasn't shy about "borrowing" from other religions -- the christmas tree for instance.

Speaking of which, one of my brothers' family has been having their late december holiday observance, with a celebratory dinner and exchange of gifts, on the date of the Winter Solstice, rather than December 25. I think it's a great idea, my kids like it too, probably be more problematic getting buy-in from the wife. Still, the solstice is definitely something to celebrate (the days are getting longer! The days are getting longer!). And this past year I found it natural to dispense with "merry xmas" and to say "happy solstice" in addition "happy holidays".

Back on our initial topic, in case you missed it, this was of course an instant classic.


dumbass said...

Of course, as you think about it, you realize that there is a 1700 year tradition of "christian warriors". Kind of hard to top that.

Katie said...

My favorite school closing yesterday - Flaming Sword Christian Academy.