Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snarky Blogging

After that last post, I find myself saying: "You know, you have friends and relatives who are religious, why not just live and let live? Do you have to keep doing these snarky posts?"

And the answer is, yes, I do. I used to be very much in agreement with John Lennon's "whatever gets you through the night, it's all right" and Del Hilgartner's "hey, take a look around, it's only people". But in recent years, the religious right in America and the catholic church worldwide both seem to be becoming more and more politically active, seeking to impose their repressive, backward-looking, and just plain wrong views on all of us. They are both dangerous, reactionary forces that must be opposed. Let's first list their sins, and then examine them in detail in subsequent posts. The list of sins:

  1. Hampering science education re evolution.
  2. Interfering in women's reproductive rights.
  3. Hampering scientific research re stem cells and cloning.
  4. Hampering the use of birth control worldwide.

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Katie said...

Write on, brother!

Looking forward to number 2...