Monday, January 08, 2018

My "Representatives"

Sigh. Writing this post to be able to link to a PDF of an email from my senior "representative" Mitch McConnell.

I am so discouraged when I get emails telling me to "contact your representatives" on issues, I mostly don't bother.

Here are my representatives:

  • Senior Senator and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, aka McTurtle. He was so proud of being the master of Senate strategy. Now that he has shown all the hidden aces, burned it all down, and basically converted the Senate, from being the Higher Chamber, into yet another completely partisan echo chamber, is he still proud? I sure hope not, I hope he burns in (secular) hell.

    Also, I will not dignify the many rumors from the late 70's, when I lived in Louisville, that he was a pederast.

  • Junior Senator Random Paul. The Senate's token libertarian. "They call him Random Paul because you never know what he's going to say next." Very occasionally, based on the fine Libertarian principles he absorbed sitting on his racist pappy's knee, he will randomly come down on the right side of an issue. Yay?

  • Andy Barr. Teabagger par excellence. The 1st time he ran in 2010 they interviewed him, "what are you reading". His answer: "Atlas Shrugged". Of course.

    On the Finance Committee, so as a matter of SOP collects annually ~<=$1M from Wall Street. Has great newsletters, kisses many babies, and is totally competent at parroting each day's Faux "News" talking points.

    He lost the 1st time he ran against Blue Dog Dem Andy Chandler in 2010. Surprising, as 2010 was the 1st Teabagger (racist cracker) backlash wave against BHO. But then he won in 2012. Beat a female educator in 2014, and a female minister in 2016, to both of whom I donated $$$. [Note, I have donated $$$ to ~10 political candidates over the last 10 years, and the ONLY ONE who won was BHO. So, tempted to discontinue donations (unless for BHO).]

    I'd already donated to the retired female marine fighter pilot, Amy McGrath, who generated a bunch of buzz with her 1st campaign ads.

    Also running, State Rep Reggie Thomas, very upbeat, very transparent (very nice newsletter), kisses babies.

    Then, Jim Gray, extremely competent, very popular 2 term mayor of Lexington, 2nd largest US city with an openly gay mayor, announces for the seat.

    The night before he got elected mayor, Monday night, my wife and I were waiting for the best live music in Lexington to start at Tee Dee's Progressive Club.

    So, 9ish, Tee Dee is chatting with us at our table, when he looks up and says, "Uh oh, politician." Jim Gray and 2-3 of his staffers had just come in the door. Tee Dee left us to settle them out, but Jim Gray definitely got my vote on Tuesday.

    Gray is self financing, so I will give him no $$$. But, Ms. McGrath is supposed to call me back for more $$$, I will give it to her if she will assure me that she will run a clean race, the main objective of which is to defeat that asshole Barr, regardless of who is the candidate.

    Also, Barr has beaten 2 female candidates in a row. scary to run a 3rd against him, fighter pilot or not. But does a gay man or a black man have a better chance to beat Barr? That is all I care about, to get rid of the Teabagger asshole. Well, after the Dem primary, I guess I won't have to worry about that.

So here's the letter I got back from Mitch re requesting he support net neutrality. Current FCC chair did such a great thing getting rid of those pesky Net Neutrality regulations. Back to rapacious capitalism in 10th gear! As Jebus intended it!

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