Friday, April 17, 2015

Music In - Vinyl

On to the vinyl I ripped. This is going in alpha order.
  • pearls before swine, "balaklava", 1968. Ahh, late 60s psychedelic music. So much bad stuff. I think my old bandmate, sax player Barry Levine, liked this. 2 stars.
  • The Beach Boys, "Pet Sounds, 1966. I had 5 Beach Boys albums. This is I think heading into their best stuff. 3 stars, 4 stars for "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "God Only Knows", "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times", and "Caroline, No".
  • The Beach Boys, "Sunflower", 1970. 6 4 stars, 6 3 stars.
  • The Beach Boys, "Surf's Up". My favorite of these albums. 4 stars.
  • The Beach Boys, "Carl and The Passions - 'So Tough'", 1972. I think an attempt to be somewhat retro, 3 stars.
  • The Beach Boys, "Holland", 1973. An oddish, hippy theme song "California Saga". 3 stars, 4 stars for "Sail on Sailor".
  • Beacon Street Union, "The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union", 1968. Oof. A Boston psychedelic band. 2 stars.
  • George Benson, "The George Benson Collection", 1981. Great stuff. 3 stars, 4 stars for "This Masquerade", "Love Ballad" (which I have worked up, transposed down 3 frets), "Nature Boy", "Breezin'", and "The Greatest Love of All".
Really looking forward to The Byrds and Moby Grape.

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