Friday, April 17, 2015

Music In - New

OK, finally the new stuff.
  • Buddy Emmons With Lenny Breau, "Minors Allowed", 1978. When I posted pedal steel guitarist Buddy Emmons fabulous version of "Wichita Linesman" to Facebook, the most excellent young guitarist Jeff Adams mentioned that the cover of this album was in the visuals. He was a big fan of Lenny Breau, so I got the album. A little too jazzy for my taste. 3 stars.
  • War on Drugs, "Lost In The Dream". This group had gotten some buzz and been recommended to me. I didn't like it that much. Fairly listenable, but nothing really catchy. 3 stars.
  • Belle & Sebastian, "Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance". As always, very listenable, but I don't think as strong as their previous effort. 3 stars.
  • Estelle. "True Romance". I discovered Estelle on my 1st business trip to London. Nice BritPop. I really like that she doesn't oversing. 3 stars.
That brings us to the start of March. 8 new albums since then, still processing, but we'll get to those pretty soon, I promise.

Oh, here's the Buddy Emmons "Wichita Linesman". I don't get tired of listening to this. I have this "Suite Steel" album, BTW. All the best pedal steel players of 1970. I think I'll rip that one out of order.

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