Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gardening Heuristic

Worked the garden: trained the snow peas & cucs to the fence, maters up the cages. All the rain we had Saturday, it has not had to be watered in 3 days. I realized what the indicator of "does the garden need to be watered?" was & tweeted it:

When the pepper plants droop, time to water the garden. #gardening #heuristic #locallex #kentucky

You could make an excellent public gardening advice system very easily with these tags. Query by #gardening #heuristic|#tips #{yourGeolocation} {search term}.

Note, #locallex tags Lexington, and @locallex will usually retweeet. Ha, he didn't, he just liked. Too bad. My meme loses. :-(

So the key to this is the query => Google. But googling "gardening tips" did not get great options? Ditto search of the apple app store. So maybe this would be a useful app.

Wednesday. more rain. The garden till hasn't had to be watered. Nice!

Harvesting ~2/3 of a gallon ziplock every other day, leaf lettuce. baby kale, and spinach. Light green, medium green, dark green, and tasty! Salad starts with a dinner plate covered 1-2" thick.

We've had 1 meal with ~1 quart of snow peas. Very sweet and tender, yay!

I have ~2 salads of radishes that I could harvest, but I still have 3-4 salads of radishes from my cross-the-street neighbor.

On another #biology #datapoint, #animal, -plant, our Cooper's Hawk is still around. Yesterday & the day before she flew at high speed out of the trees on the SW side of the back yard and into the trees on the NE. Several swoops and swerves through the latter trees.

She (most hawks are female) has been around since at least Thanksgiving 2007. So 10 years soon. Lifespan can be 20 years.

She has had the crows after her both days. Yesterday I counted 18 crows following her. Before Beaumont was developed, you could routinely see murders of 40-50, maybe even 100 over there on that farmland. Walking good old Dexter Dog, he wanted to check them out. 40 crows would make short work of lots of small dogs. Not to mention several people. Sure glad they are peaceful - I think they know not to fight stuff as big as adult humans & big dogs. Hawks, Blue Jays, Grackles are normal foes of Corvus brachyrhynchos.

I wonder now many crows now? Hunh, I guess I should start counting birds here again. So boring tho: #bleep robins, common grackles, cardinals, crows, blue jays. Smaller birds I like better: house finch, goldfinch, chickadee. I haven't seen the carolina wren in a while.

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