Saturday, January 23, 2016

The First Law

In mid-December I was in Carmichael's Bookstore on Bardstown Rd in Louisville picking up some books I ordered. The store is like 3 blocks from my youngest daughter's house. For the few physical books I buy I've been ordering them online and having them delivered there and then having my daughter pick them up. So my youngest, her son (my grandson), my middle daughter, and their Uncle Bruce, who was running around with me that afternoon, walked down to Carmichael's with me.

After I got my books, my middle daughter wanted me to pick out a book for her to buy me as an xmas present. Somehow, I chose the trade paper version of "The Blade Itself", the 1st book of "The First Law" trilogy by Joe Abercrombie. Definitely a page turner, after I finished its 500 pages I tore through the 2nd and 3rd books: "Before They Are Hanged" (520 pages) and "Last Argument of Kings" (620 pages).

Kind of "Game of Thrones", but with some "Lord of the Rings" and Arthur/Merlin thrown in. Much more sword than sorcery. One of the 3 main narrators we follow is a torturer. He has an assistant named Severard. An homage to Gene Wolf's Severian character, or following the principle that "severe" in a name is appropriate for a torturer?

Definitely a fun read. And I swear, next book will be something worthwhile.

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