Sunday, November 22, 2015

Music In - September and October

Right at 2 months since I did this last, not too bad. Here we go.
  • Beach House, "Depression Cherry". Nice, laid back indie pop with female voices. 3 stars.
  • Joanna Newsom, "Have One On Me", 2010. My daugthter Alexis pointed me at this song, "Good Intentions Paving Co.". Great tune, chords you don't expect, great harmony. Ms. Newsom's primary instrument is harp but she also plays piano. She has quite a quirky voice. This was a "3 disc" album. 4 stars for this tune, 3 stars for the rest.
  • Destroyer, "Poison Season". At first I thought this was too energetic for me, but it grew on me. His vocals are so stylized, I would think I'd be tired of them by now. But, not just yet. 4 stars.
  • Ben Folds, "So There". Folds shows some attitude on this album, kind of like he's expecting criticism. It's a great album. Recorded with a full orchestra, the last 3 tracks are a piano concerto, nice! The other 8 tracks are more of Ben's normal catchy pop tunes. 4 stars.
  • Beirut, "No No No". Surprisingly good - not sure why the surprise, this is the 4th album of theirs that I have. Catchy balkan pop tunes from a great Brooklyn band. I think my favorite was actually the instrumental "As Needed", which is unusual for me. 4 stars.

  • Dirty Projectors + Björk, "Mount Wittenberg Orca", 2011. I had been really enjoying the latest Dirty Projectors album, so I decided to go back and start harvesting their earlier stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their previous work was a 7 song suite with Björk, the world's greatest living composer! A lot of fun, the voices go well together. Here's "On And Ever Onward", only 2 minutes. 4 stars.

  • Beach House, "Thank Your Lucky Stars". 2 albums out within 2 months of each other??? More of the same, very pleasant and laid back. 3 stars.
  • Buffalo Springfield, "Retrospective - The Best of Buffalo Springfield", 1969. Ripped from vinyl. Some great songs: "Kind Woman", "Bluebird", "Rock And Roll Woman", "I Am A Child". I had forgotten that Neal Young was in this band for a while, I always thought of it as Stephen Stills' band. Unfortunately, on a few of the tracks one channel seems to fade out. I may see if I can fix it with the Audacity software, but I am not hopeful. 4 stars.
  • Jimmy Buffett, "Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes", 1977. Who knew I had any Jimmy Buffett? All easy to listen to. 3 stars.
  • Gary Burton, "Throb", 1969. Probably still the world's greatest living vibraphone player. The 1st track, I'm going, oof, this guitarist is playing some sucky rock riffs, but, they are not really that bad, and when he switches to more jazz riffs, he's much stronger. Some nice tunes. 3 stars, 4 stars for "Turn OF The Century", which is the only song from the album I remember from Back In The Day.

That brings us up to late October. Only 4 albums in the "_Unrated" list, I guess I'll rip some vinyl next week.

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