Wednesday, February 18, 2015


For my "General Theory" break, I read "Fluency", by Jennifer Foehner Wells. Ms. Wells has a charming persona on Twitter (@jenthulhu), and the book had several tweeted recommendations, so I thought I'd try something new.

I think this was her 1st book, and, well, she is not that good of a writer (hopefully yet). The prose comes across as stilted. I'm not sure what the particulars are - maybe just extra words that don't belong? The plot has a lot of reworked elements - not unusual, but none really stood out as original. It ended somewhat abruptly - I was like, "what?", after I realized I'd read the last page. There were a few questions that I would have preferred not to have to wonder about until the next installment (it is book 1 of a trilogy) that were left unanswered.

It was a pretty good page turner tho. The generally likable strong female lead seemed to have very inexplicably mixed reactions at times. All in all, a comic book without pictures - remember, I like comic books. So I will probably read the others when they come out.

Hmmm, I originally linked to the all ages edition. I guess that has the sex taken out. A new capability with eBooks, apparently? I wonder if that is going to become widely used?

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