Thursday, April 24, 2014

HuffPo Suckage

Quite the blathering evening.

So I go to comment on a Huffington Post article on transhumanist life extension. Apparently they are going to the Facebook model of trying to verify the actual identity of posters, presumably to get rid of anonymous trolls -- an effort which, all in all, I must say that I support.

But #EpicFail in the execution. Would not accept my Twitter ID (1st choice) nor my Google ID (2nd choice). Finally accepted my Facebook ID, which is not what I would chosen at all for a post like this. Facebook I mostly use for contact with my musician friends and to get pictures of my relatives. So the post is finally accepted, I get a message:

Due to the potentially sensitive nature of the material, this post will not be made public immediately.
??? Sensitive nature of the material ??? Which word is on the NSA watchlist, "socialist", "anarchist", or "utopia"???

Here is the comment:

I used to think that multi-100 year life spans would be a great idea. Then you realize, the .01% will get the tech 1st and freeze the rest of us out. Read Richard K. Morgan "Altered Carbon". The bad guy is like John Huston in "Chinatown" but 400 YO instead of 80 -- ultra-rich, ultra-powerful, and completely amoral. All that extended life spans will do is further cement the hereditary rich in their position with their boots on our throats :-( Unless of course we can reverse the politics of the last 30 years and implement a post-scarcity, socialist, anarchist utopia :-)
Hopefully they'll get this to be a little less obnoxious RSN.

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