Sunday, October 13, 2013

Recent Reading

I'm going to be good and do this now, as I'm moving back to clean the magazine stack (several weeks behind) before moving on to some non-fiction.

In what is an annual ritual, I read "The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection", edited by Gardner Dozois. I think my favorite story was one by a new (Louisville) author, Brit Mandelo, titled "The Finite Canvas". I also liked the two Robert Reed stories. A fun read as always. Note I am still buying these in hardcopy. I think I've got about 2/3 of them, the kids occasionally give me the ones I'm missing as gifts.

I then read "God's War", by Kameron Hurley. Not sure where this came from, maybe a tweet by one of the sci fi authors I follow recommending it. On a desert world, with most of the wildlife bugs, and magicians who can control them. Various warring "Islamic" states (she gives the religion a different name), including one where the men all are drafted and sent to the front such that the women completely run that country, at all levels. Also a state where the men and women are segregated with the men in control. Almost like she's trying to explore every combination of sexual politics.

It's pretty bloody. It's got a nice noir/cheap detective feel -- the protagonist is a "bel dame" -- church/government sanctioned hunter of draft dodgers -- who gets drummed out and becomes a bounty hunter. It's the 1st book of the "Bel Dame Apocrypha". I liked it well enough I'll prolly read the others -- they are out already. 3 stars.

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