Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sandman Slim, 2-4

Well, as blogged last time, I thought that "Sandman Slim" by Richard Kadrey, was a decent supernatural noir comic book novel. The library had the other 3 in the series, so I went for it. I read them in 2 days, 4 days, and 2 days -- the OverDrive reader that the library uses shows you the number of days left on your (7) day subscription in its listing of books, so it's easy to notice. I got kind of tired of them. I think the main thing they have going for them is lots of smart-ass, cheap detective dialogue -- or should I say "patter". There are also a lot of pop culture references, which makes me afraid that these won't age well. Also, after a while, I found the christian mythology getting on my nerves. Of course, any christian would I'm sure find these books horribly blasphemous, but still, how about Brahmah creating the universe instead of Elohim? He does introduce lots of other species of magical creatures, which I think is fun, whether in stories like this, or in the trashy SyFy channel series that I enjoy (guiltily) like "Warehouse 13", or "Lost Girls".

The 2nd book, "Kill The Dead" introduces an interesting new character: a Czech female porn star zombie hunter -- nice!. The 3rd book "Aloha From Hell" takes place mostly in Hell, as does the 1st half of the 4th book, "Devil Said Bang". The pacing of these books is of course whiz-bang, and each one does come to enough of a conclusion that you are not left resenting being hung over a cliff too much.

So there will clearly be more of these, I guess I'll keep reading them. I have concluded tho that I did like the Harry Connolly Twenty Palaces series better -- too bad it's been discontinued.

Meanwhile, I have three more novels by new authors, most suggested by tweets or retweets of people I follow on twitter. So, should I read some economics or politics, or am I still on vacation? We'll see, I guess.

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