Sunday, September 02, 2012

Two Books

So I was trying to get the 2nd of these books read by yesterday to turn it in on time at the Lexington Free Public Library, but I wasn't going to make it. So I pulled up my LFPL bookmark in my browser and 30 seconds later had renewed them both for another month (I finished it today, they'll go back tomorrow).

Really nice tech at the LFPL site. Books I want to read that they don't have yet, I search for and then save the search and voila! a to-read list aka Saved Searches!

William Gibson and others have been recommending the Sandman Slim series, 4th book just released. All available as eBooks at LFPL, hell yeah!

So the 1st library book I read was "Time Travelers Never Die", by Jack McDevitt. The bulk of his work is astro-archeological SF -- exploring ruins of departed stellar civilizations, of which there may be many. This is totally not in that genre. I spent the first 1/3 of it trying to figure out what it was. Then read (later rather than sooner, not sure why) one of the cover blurbs that compared it to the all-time classic movie: "Bill and Ted's Fabulous Adventure". And realized, it was completely correct. This is "dumbass American twits get a time machine and become posers throughout history". Enjoyable, I guess, but, I don't really think I can recommend it. 2 stars.

2nd book, which I just finished today, was "Up Jim River", by Michael Flynn. The first novel of his I read was "Elfenheim", about space aliens stranded in a 12th century (or so) German village. Flynn is a very good writer. Next, I think I read his "The January Dancer" a few years ago. "Up Jim River" is the sequel to that. Hard to characterize these. Space opera, Star Wars in scope but all human, legendary human commonwealth of supernatural powers (nanotech AI) has passed, replaced by celtic League vs sinister mandarin Confederation. Main characters are basically mostly League FBI agents searching for various foo. Flynn writes well, these are very good reads. 4 stars.

I wonder if Romney/Ryan have a plan to privatize our public libraries? If it can put money into the pocket of someone who is not working for that money, probably so. It's a sacred trust, after all.

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