Sunday, June 19, 2011

Startling Beauty

A few nights ago I had 4 mockingbirds at the back feeders; I guess I know now who's eating the suet cakes. Nice to have mockingbirds back.

A beautiful goldfinch came swooping up to the front (thistle) feeder , and a tiny (fearless) chickadee was hopping around 2 feet in front of my face. The (male) goldfinch popped his wings to brake and made a golden flash that was so startlingly beautiful, it made my heart ache. And I thought, "Well, I guess that the $8.50 a bag for thistle seed is totally worth it." -- duh. Startling beauty is always all around us, if we take the time to see it.

Replaced my bird bath yesterday. The old one was metal and was more holes and patches than metal. I started out patching with lead exoxy, then switched to silly putty (don't ask) when I ran out of epoxy. The new one is plastic, fits into the same holder, and holds more water. I haven't seen any birds use it yet, but it's rained a lot the last two days.

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