Thursday, April 28, 2011

Too Much Government

So you watch "Inside Job", and ask, where are the indictments? Where are the special prosecutors?

I read a piece a few days ago that said: after the S&L/Keating scandal of the 80's. there were many indictments and many convictions because, while the bad behavior was going on, Federal regulators were gathering data that later became evidence.

But, for the 2008 financial meltdown brought on by fraudulent behavior by the majority of Wall Street investment firms, there will be no indictments and no prosecutions, because the Bush administration got rid of ~90% of those Federal regulators.

So the bastards who almost destroyed the world economy will get off scott free with the 100s of millions of bonuses they paid themselves.

So when any politician says there is "too much government", realize that they are saying that "If there were even less government than we have now, it would be so much easier for my masters in the banking and financial industry to steal us all blind. It would be so much easier for my masters in the fossil fuel and other mining industries to poison us, our children, and the planet in the name of their overweening greed and lust for profit above all else."

That is 100% the message of every single politician out there now who is saying "there is too much government" -- except, of course, for our own Random Paul, who is saying that if it weren't for all this government, he could buy a toilet that flushes. WTF is he eating???

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