Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Nuns -- No Sense of Humor"

So after calling for jokes to combat theism, I find it odd to have made the following post to the KASES forum, in response to a post about an article claiming that Japanese researchers had found a bacteria which was the true cause of global warming -- which was a clever spoof, that conservative pundits including RL (sorry, I can't put the name here) of course quoted incessantly:
I think we all find such spoofs amusing, and get some good schadenfreude from having the stupidity of conservative pundits prominently displayed.

However, I think we already knew that these guys were stupid. And, a year from now, chances are that the spoof origin will be forgotten and the herd mind will remember only that there was a Japanese study refuting human caused global warming.

"A lie, repeated often enough, will end up as truth." -- Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda, inventor of The Big Lie.

My point is, I don't think that the spoofers are helping us out. We should use all available bandwidth for facts, intelligent discussion, etc, rather than for misinformation, no matter how amusing.

"Nuns -- no sense of humor" -- The Kargan (the 1st Highlander movie).

Man, how soon can we get rid of our current moronic government and try to salvage our country? The euro is at almost $1.50. Well, maybe the world will be a better place when the United States is a Former Superpower.

Interesting tho, the power of speaking a name, which now includes writing it. Kind of like the Wizard of Earthsea and other fantasy stories, where magic is based on knowing the true names of things, and you don't speak the names of things you want to leave you alone. If I had used the full name of RL, I would at some level validating him -- at a minimum, by the Google search algorithm.

We all remark at work on how, you have a problem you can't seem to figure out, you get someone to come look at it with you, in explaining the problem to the other person verbally, a large percentage of the time you figure the problem out. Our theory is that the verbalization brings more of your brain to bear on the problem.

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