Thursday, September 21, 2006

Forum Post (mortem?)

I have been really somewhat befuddled, there has been some exchanges on the KASE forum re being very active in debunking Halloween "spiritualism". I posted:

I have been somethat puzzled by the enthusiam for Halloween debunking on this forum. I have always had a fond spot for Halloween as it is the only pagan holiday. Pagan polytheism is still theism, but I think it's a little more pluralistic and forgiving than the monotheistic memes that have mostly won out ("worship my god or die").

In Kentucky, we have (guestimates):

  • >90% of people believe in god;
  • >90% of people believe in the soul;
  • >90% of people believe in life after death;
  • >70% of people believe that jebus was the only son of jehobah and their personal savior;
  • >40% of people believe that the rapture is coming Real Soon Now.
Given this, expending energy to debunk Halloween ghost stories seems ludicrous to me. Low hanging fruit?

Plus, debunking Halloween they won't piss off the christians ...

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Anonymous said...

Link to the forum thread, dumbass!