Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Au Revoir, FaceBook - plus, What Are Our Rights?

Leaving FaceBook Friday, November 23, 2018. Here's proposed alternatives - I will update the post as others pop up. I am not going to pursue these anytime soon. I am thinking that Twitter will scratch my itch for online social media well enough.

I billed this as my Last FB Post - in response to some typical Libertarian pulled-out-of-their-ass bullshit about what their "rights" are.

??? A right to me is defined as, something about which you say "If you try to take this away from me, I will fight you to the death." [Edit from FB comments: "I will fight" => "me and my friends will fight"] I cannot think of any other logically defensible definition. Which means that rights, according to this approach, are completely malleable, and defined by your testosterone level.

I far prefer the idea of a Basic Good, as defined in the book reviewed in the post linked to below. Basic Goods are things we can decide how to define together, and then decide what they are together, rationally. Their definition has 4 components, from which they define 7 Basic Goods. No testosterone required, just logic! I apologize for asking you to read so much, but, this seems to me to be something that is reasoned out, rather than just plucked out of the air.

Here's the link: "How Much Is Enough?"


Chris Heinz said...

Steemit - oops! From Twitter:

Steemit, a social network that rewards users with its own cryptocurrency, says it's laying off nearly 70% of its team, after its currency declined 96%.

Chris Heinz said...

@umairh: "rights are just things that we are obligated to provide one another".