Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Letter to the Editor

Andy Barr's TV ad condemning Nancy Jo Kemper on the Iran nuclear deal is shockingly delusional.

Before the deal, Iran was 1 month from having enough uranium to produce a nuc.

After the deal, Iran is 10 years from producing a nuc once they restart their nuclear program - which they show no signs of doing - and we will know if they do. To be clear, it's not 10 years from the agreement, it is 10 years from now, with "now" moving forward into the future indefinitely.

The main architect of the deal was Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, former chairman of the Department of Physics at MIT. Moniz enlisted the top Nuclear Scientists in the US to do the math and science on this deal to absolutely assure that Iran had zero path to nucs. And let's remember that joining the US in the deal were the UK, France, China, Russia, and Germany.

It is hard to know how to describe Andy Barr's ad. Delusional? Ignorant? Disingenuous? Cynical? Lying? We know he is a lapdog of the big banks, how much money is he getting from the military-industrial complex, who were dying for a war with Iran?

The Iran nuclear deal was a victory for diplomacy and peace over belligerence and war. Andy Barr represents the worst of chicken-hawk GOP tradition, always pushing for another war, then repeatedly voting to deny our veterans the benefits and help they deserve and desperately need. I'm sorry, but I'm disgusted.


Chris Heinz said...

This letter was published with about 30% edited out on the Friday, November 4, 2016 Lexington Herald-Leader editorial page.

Chris Heinz said...

Here's the link: