Saturday, May 17, 2014

Music Out, Music In

The jam situation is somewhat unsettled now.

The Wednesday night "Here For The Party" jam is gone from Lynagh's. New ownership cut their music from Wednesday thru Sunday to Friday and Saturday only. The story is they want to be more of a restaurant. Good luck with that. Lynagh's is a pub, with a bunch of regulars and a college crowd.

There is a new outdoor jam hosted by Matt Noell Sunday nights at Shamrock Bar and Grille on Patchen Drive. That has had decent musicians and crowds, but that patio seems kind of small.

There is a also new Wednesday night jam hosted by Albert Crabtree at City Barbeque on Richmond Road. That one is also supposed to be outdoors. I went this past Wednesday, apparently it is not starting until this Wednesday.

Finally, Lindsay Olive is hosting a jam back at Cheapside downtown following Thursday Night Live, from 9:30 to 12:30. He said there was a lot of traffic last week. I don't know if I'm going to try to make that one.

Man, I haven't done Music In since last December??? I just don't seem to get the time to listen to the new stuff I get. I sometimes think I should quit and just assimilate what I have already better, but, can't bring myself to do it. I'd miss too much cool music.

  • "NEW", Paul McCartney. This is a very strong effort. The songs are at least Wings quality, but not Beatles quality. Some of the love songs are a little creepy -- a 70 YO guy talking suggestively -- everyone knows you need to quit that shit mid-60's at the latest ;-> 4 stars.
  • "Wildewoman", Lucius. I really like this group. The 2 female singers are great, the band's sound is unique. I still am not hearing any male backup vocals like there are in some of their videos ?!?!? 4 stars.
  • "Pure Heroine", Lorde. I had this recommended to me a couple of times. It's OK, I guess. I guess people like that she's so young, but to me neither the voice or the songs are as interesting as, say, Adele. 3 stars.
  • "Give The People What They Want", Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings. Plenty of authentic funk going on here, but I don't think the songs are as strong as on their prior album. 3 stars.
  • "Grace", Jeff Buckley (1994). Apparently after a studio career he recorded this 1 album before drowning. It is well known for his version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", and "Grace", which does indeed kind of make your hair stand up. 3 stars, 4 for "Grace".
  • "Trouble", Hospitality. I like this Brooklyn band, but I don't think this album is as strong as their prior one. 3 stars.
  • "Morning Phase", Beck. Wow, is this a listenable album! I don't think "mellow" is the right word, I think "serene" is. 4 stars.
  • Eponymous, St. Vincent. I really love Annie Clark's work. Such a juxtaposition of sweet vocals and nasty guitar work. 4 stars.
  • "Bad Self Portraits", Lake Street Dive. I really like this Boston band. I put the genre as R&B. The lead singer is really expressive without all the damn oversinging that is so prevalent now, the harmony singing is great. Here's a video of the title song. This could be Bonnie Raitt, southern rock -- or Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings! 4 stars.
  • "Foreverly", Billie Joe + Norah. So this is Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Norah Jones covering the Everly Brothers 1958 album "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us". I think I would have far preferred covers of Everly Brothers hits rather than these old traditionals. 3 stars.
  • "Ya Nass", Yasmine Hamdan. This Lebanese female singer is very easy to listen to. The backing instrumentals are mostly classical guitar. It is definitely decent mood music despite the guttural "ch"'s of Arabic. 3 stars.
That brings us up through March. I'll give the 4 albums since then in the "_Unrated" playlist more time to be digested.

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