Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Three Sources of Coolth

So last Sunday did 26.4 miles in 2h10m, 1 stop.

This morning did 33 miles in 2h40m, 1 stop. Felt surprisingly good the last 5 miles. It really helps, the cooler weather we've been having. After my b-day weekend of 6/8, the 5-day forecast has looked the same -- high 78 to 84, partly cloudy, chance of storm. The storms are late afternoon, or 5 in the morning, and last about 10 minutes. Nice breezes, pretty much ideal weather. We fine-dined with friends at newly-opened Summit (the former site of Emmett's) with friends last night, air was fabulous, meal was very good.

There are three sources of coolth when biking:

  1. The breeze, be it the wind or the relativistic one from going down a hill at 20-30 mph. The difference is indiscernable.
  2. The shade of clouds.
  3. The shade of trees. Normally deeper than the shade of clouds.
Put all three together and it's like, ahhhh ...

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