Sunday, November 25, 2007

Death From Above

So, it's early afternoon on Thanksgiving Day, I'm watching the birds out the kitchen window as I do food prep for the big dinner, I've turned to talk to my wife, and we both hear a loud thump from the back. We look out the window and on the ground right in front of me, below the bird feeders, is a ~16-20" hawk with a starling in its talons. It sat there about 30 seconds before flying off -- and I turned my head just as it did, so I didn't see much of it then (loser). Checking the bird book, I don't think it was one of the red-tails that we normally have around. I think it was possibly a Cooper's Hawk, but more likely a peregrine falcon -- we have those in Lexington.

Earlier I had counted a dozen juncos -- confirmed as juncos because they like to feed on the ground, and have white on the outside of their tails. Also around a dozen purple finches, which like the normal birdseed rather than thistle that the goldfinches like. Also saw a couple of titmice at my in-laws in Louisville.

A new TOE! A new TOE! Had some fun a couple of days ago attempting to help these links go viral:

Way cool stuff, this is almost like the quintessence of elegance.

Music-wise, had a good time playing at O'Neill's last Wednesday, my youngest daughter sang "No Ordinary Love", my oldest daughter sang "Crazy". They had fun.


Ignatz Bleemel VII said...

you need to change your subhead to include "birds"

dumbass said...

Thanks, Ignatz. Done.