Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Politically Incorrect

A new tag!

The tagging exercise definitely made me aware of the meta-levels of the blog, its themes, what it distills out to. I realized today just a while ago that political incorrectness is definitely a theme that deserves to be tagged. That last sentence reminds me of the most recent post in Charles Stross' blog, re, how long would take you to build up the context of something even more abstract and 21th century than that last sentence to explain it to, say, someone from the 17th century like Isaac Newton.

Anyway, my friend David sent me this link to Pamela Anderson and PETA's campaign against KFC: http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com/.

I replied to him with recollections from my childhood:

Like most people of my generation (mid-50's) in the midwest/south, I grew up with ties to a farm. When I was, say 8-13 years old, I would spend a week or two on my maternal grandparents 150 acres just west of Lagrange, KY (now $.5M homes). I would do farm chores: tend chickens and cattle, and help Pop maintain fences and barns. Also fish in the ponds, wade in the creek, build obstacle courses in the hayloft, and otherwise goof-off. My impressions from those years:
  1. Chickens are dumb as bricks; have no personalities; and deserve to be eaten (I have no clue where PETA gets their allegation that chickens are as smart as cats or dogs ?!?!?).
  2. Likewise for cows.
One of those things, when theory departs from experience and practice in the real world, bullshit quotient has a way of going up, up, up -- not surprising in the least.

Other recent e-mails:

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Ignatz said...

Ja, but I think the KFC issue is cruelty, not whether chickens should be eaten. Why not pluck, scald and decapitate them AFTER they've lost consciousness? You don't want those stress hormones in your meat anyways.

dumbass said...

Ignatz's point seems valid to me.

I guess in general I feel PETA's positions are so nonsensical that I just want to slap them around rather than actually pay attention and analyze them rationally.

Would that be Ignatz Bleemel posting?

Ignatz Bleemel VII said...

You just need some CO.