Friday, October 27, 2006


The KASES forum has had some discussion of Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion" and Dawkins' contention that we should quit appeasing the religious. I responded with a "call to arms" for atheism. One guy kind of responded, but overall response has been negative. My friend Patrick has accused me of militarism. Then I looked at the forum description, which ends:
'God OR evolution'is a false dichotomy. There is much conflict between science and religious fundamentalism, but there is no NECESSARY conflict between science and religion."
Appeasement all the way. Traitors. Heretics. PUT THEM ALL TO THE SWORD!!! (Just kidding ;->)

Meanwhile, two more republican "joke" forwards, the 2nd of which implies that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian.

Probably I should just pull a Nero and fiddle while Rome burns. Jam tonight was very good, we got into some really nice grooves, I played pretty well. My pedal steel is going back in the shop tomorrow, I have concluded that the only thing that could be wrong with the high E string is that the pickup is bad -- so, we'll see if a bar pickup fixes the problem. I have been having fun playing the pedal steel, if I can get the high E fixed, I'm taking it out in public.

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