Sunday, August 27, 2006

Two More Books

I think I'll alternate between snappy and boring titles??

Forgot two books I had read last time. I think I will have to go back to leaving them on my desk until I blog them.

Read Charles Stross's latest "Glasshouse". Nothing much new from the rest of his latest stuff, but still a good read, 3 stars. It says a lot about the quality of Stross's writing that a novel this good was somewhat disappointing.

Better was

ARRGH-- after 1/2 hour of editing this entry, Firefox froze when I went to add a link to a site. Now getting to reenter, ARRGH! What a pain -- so much for Web 2.0.

Better was "Rainbow's End", by Vernor Vinge. A near future novel, Vinge definitely knows his computer science, which he should as he was/is a CS prof at UC San Diego. 4 stars. Seems nicely setup for a good sequel.

Well, I had a great discussion of an article on pseudogenes in August Scientific American, and a great rant on science, neocons, deconstructionism, and global warming -- but, I totally don't feel like reconstructing it now. So, hopefully this week.

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